PAAC Initiatives

An affinity group for parents to organize support for Black students’ academic success under a unified purpose at their school.


  • Cross-community connections of PAAC leaders

  • Broker community and employer networks that  builds greater social capital

  • PAAC Affiliate members parent training & coaching

Circle of Hope

A psycho-educational support group designed to help parents work towards solutions that allow them to support their students with their whole, healthy, and healed selves.

  • Facilitate a social, emotional & educational group for parents

  • Administer 9-week closed group sessions to help parents reap the benefits of reflection, community, and resilience


Coalition of Black & Brown Leaders in Education (formerly known as our Black Parent Leaders): Black leaders and People of Color “in community” who are committed to advocating for race equity in education and systemic change at a District or organizational level. 

  • Empowerment, execution & accountability


An EPiC Range of Community Services

Relationship & Capacity Building

  • Co-create affinity parent empowerment groups alongside parent leaders (Formation and Sustainability)

  • Facilitate and evaluate listening sessions and focus groups with parent/guardian leaders to begin roadmapping needs and efforts for changes in schools

  • Advise social, emotional, and psycho-educational parent groups

  • Resource families for their time, expertise and commitment

  • Develop and lead community engagement workshops and conferences 

Cultural Brokering
  • Build relationships between families and educators

  • Train and provide ongoing coaching to support family facilitators in leading parent advocacy efforts

  • Develop and lead equity focused workshops for parents, educators and community leaders


Community Engagement

  • Host equity workshops with school personnel and employer stakeholders that inform and provide a forum for them to share concerns

  • Develop and lead Black Parent Empowerment Workshops