The EPiC Impact

Empowered Communities

EPiC hosted forums with DPS district administrators including the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and directors of various DPS programs to support parents from both Title I DPS schools in advocating to keep the state’s Innovative School District from taking them over.

Empowered Engagement

EPiC worked with parents to form 17 affinity groups in separate DPS schools that have resulted in impactful Black parent engagement, increasing culturally responsive curriculum and programming in their local schools and coalescing to advocate for district-wide equity considerations.

Empowered Advocacy

EPiC organized meetings with the Black Parent Leaders Collaborative and the Superintendent (and his cabinet) after over 100 parents and students spoke against the discipline disparities at a DPS magnet school. These meetings resulted in (1) a tangible policy change to ensure students receive their course work in Restorative Practice Centers, and (2) a collaborative initiative with two other race equity organizations in one middle school to increase culturally responsive and affirming classes (this unfortunately was halted due to school closures during the pandemic).

Empowered Achievement

EPiC commissioned graduate students from Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy to research data regarding equity in AIG throughout DPS. This data drives organizational programming and community engagement strategy.

Empowered Futures

EPiC facilitated over 6 Circle of Hope psychoeducational programs to support Black parents’ mental health and build capacity in Black families and communities. Parents share resources to support each other in the work that lies ahead in disrupting systemic racial inequities in education.