EPiC Programs

Circle of Hope




We understand and support parents’ mental health through our Circle of Hope program in an effort to build parent capacity, share resources and support each other to do the work that lies ahead in disrupting systemic racial inequities in education.

Empowered Families


Early Care & Education, K5 and MS/HS parent, caregiver, educator empowerment groups


We bridge home and school through creating a safe space to hear from parents/caregivers lived experiences and organize and empower parents/caregivers to collectively advocate for a common goal – high quality, culturally competent education for Black children so they can thrive. 

Community Building

Coalition thought partner/Community programming


We bring parents, caregivers and community members together across the community to build on shared values, share educational concerns and resources, and learn to advocate for Black children at the school and district levels.


EPiC Services

  • Focus Groups

  • Listening Sessions

  • Data Walks

  • Educate on community-based, collective engagement model

  • Organize affinity groups across the community and within schools by age (ECE; K5; MS/HS)

  • Build relationships between families and educators
  • Parent training and coaching to close opportunity gap and advocate for high quality education

  • Empower parents to engage civically

  • 1:1 consultations

  • Facilitate social, emotional, and educational groups for parents

  • Model programming for students that parents can deploy at their schools
  • Host parent session across schools in a county

  • Host educational workshops

  • Host equity workshops with school personnel and employer stakeholders that inform and provide a forum for them to share concerns

  • Distribute monthly newsletters