EPiC Programs

Circle of Hope

Parent Support Group

  • Our Circles of Hope are support groups for parents/caregivers that focus on parent wellness, stress management, and navigating the educational system.

Empowered Families

Listening Sessions & Community Forums

  • Our Listening Sessions are a place where we gather community members together to hear about their lived experiences as it relates to education and systemic inequities. 
  • Our Community Forums with educators, parents and students bring those with lived experience together to offer parent-led solutions that address data driven inequities found within a school or school system. 

Community Building

Collectives & Consultation/Training

  • Our Collectives are groups of parents/caregivers who focus on a specific advocacy issue. EPiC  holds space to pull parents together with the same areas of interest to close the opportunity gap and work toward advocacy together
  • Our Consultation and Training is one in which we use data-driven outcomes with the focus on systemic inequities to equip families and caregivers to advocate for high-quality educational opportunities.

EPiC Services

  • Focus Groups

  • Listening Sessions

  • Data Walks

  • Educate on community-based, collective engagement model

  • Organize affinity groups across the community and within schools by age (ECE; K5; MS/HS)

  • Build relationships between families and educators
  • Parent training and coaching to close opportunity gap and advocate for high quality education

  • Empower parents to engage civically

  • 1:1 consultations

  • Facilitate social, emotional, and educational groups for parents

  • Model programming for students that parents can deploy at their schools
  • Host parent session across schools in a county

  • Host educational workshops

  • Host equity workshops with school personnel and employer stakeholders that inform and provide a forum for them to share concerns

  • Distribute monthly newsletters