Taking Care
of Our Community

What happens when you donate to Black women-led organizations?

You help to increase their operating budget. 

According to a report by the Young, Black & Giving Back Institute (YBGB), many black led and black benefitting nonprofits operate on a budget of less than $500,000 a year, with a large portion operating with just $30,000.  These organizations rely heavily on donors and volunteers, and when they have paid staff, often no more than four persons receive a salary. Many of these leaders who are activating change in their communities, work other jobs in addition to leading their nonprofit organizations. Despite facing resource constraints, black women deliver results to their community effectively and efficiently. Imagine the community impact black women could deliver when their operational budget expands!?

You support sustained efforts to uplift your community. 

Included in the same report is the fact that most (79.6%) black led and black benefiting nonprofits are led by women.  The women leading these organizations have dedicated more than a decade of their lives to uplifting their community and causes.  Black women have always stood up and pushed for social progress and a more equitable society.  In movements for voting rights, civil rights, constitutional rights, educational rights, etc., black women in our nation have consistently worked to advance social change and solve the pains of society.  Additional research conducted by Goldman Sachs has shown that sustained investments in Black women will catalyze economic growth, making for both an increasingly more fair, rich society.  


When you donate to EPiC, you directly impact our local schools and students.  

Last fall EPiC donated $500 to five majority-minority elementary schools, totalling $2,500, and increased funding dedicated to family engagement at majority-minority schools by over 15%.  Through their partnership and support, close to 2000 students were directly impacted in title I schools in DPS during the 2022-2023 school year.  

When you partner with EPiC, you provide dinner, tutoring, and other resources to local families. 

EPiC regularly provides dinner and childcare at every event valued at $20/person. Also, stipends are offered to participants for their time. Funding is also utilized for tutoring, academic book clubs, guest speakers, and culturally responsive material for students.  Black families also benefit from feeling connected to a community while working to close the opportunity gap.

When you support EPiC, you are supporting parents.

Our unique programs focus on parent empowerment and advocacy, and provide irreplaceable resources and tools to help parents create better schools for their children. In addition, our monthly community forums bring those with lived experiences together to find solutions.  Funding for EPiC directly removes barriers for families to participate in our listening sessions and community forums.

When you are a part of the EPiC community, you are a part of the solution. 

We believe in the power of black women leadership. The EPiC team is a Black woman led, community-rooted, organization unapologetically focused on Black children and their success in school and in life. Through their proximate leadership, they create equitable solutions for our community and state.  When you engage with EPiC, you not only sustain our efforts, but also help direct the success of Black children in our community.