Twice Exceptional Children

Did you know that your child receiving Exceptional Children’s (EC) services can also be identified as Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG)? If a student who received EC services is identified to have received AIG services, then this student is labeled “Twice-Identified”, a student who shows giftedness in one area with learning challenges present in other areas. Click here to learn more about the identification process and how to support your child’s academic excellence.

The identification process for a student with special needs to the AIG program can be done through the following:

  • Nominations

  • A cognitive test (based on the criteria of their Individual Education Plan (IEP)

  • End of Grade tests

  • Portfolios

During our recent “Access to Advanced Academics” community conversation, in which WRAL Covered the event, EPiC also shared this information about twice identification. A parent who was in attendance expressed feelings of gratitude to have this information but was disappointment that no one have ever told her about the twice identification previously. She shared that one of her adult children had an IEP however, the mother also saw giftedness in other areas that were never addressed.

Twice-Identified students will have an Individual Differentiated Educational Plan (DEP) that incorporates both their IEP and the DEP under the cooperation between the AIG and EC coordinators to make sure that the student receives both services.

Curious to know if your child(ren) are exceptional on either end? Reach out to your school’s EC Department and or AIG Department. Continue to follow us to grow your knowledge in how to ensure your child(ren)’s success is the main focus in their academic setting.

Want more information? Contact Alecia Marsh (EC) alecia@epic-nc.org , Mavreen Nanton-Scott (AIG) mavreen@epic-nc.org