New Year, New Opportunities:
How Proper Review of Your Path can Propel Future Passions

At the end of a fiscal year, successful businesses often do an audit or review of the year, looking for areas that flowed well and increased impact, while also looking for areas that were a source of frustration or overwhelming. These audits allow organizations to review what is working and what is not, which in turn help them to plan a clear pathway forward.

As individuals, we don’t typically have “audits” at the end of a year. However, as we go into the new year, many folks will begin with goals and aspirations, thinking “new year, new me!” New years resolutions and new seasons are a wonderful opportunity to reflect and think about yourself as a whole.

There is one problem with the “new year, new me,” mindset. The facts of the matter are that there is nothing wrong with the ‘old you’. While there may be room for improvements and growth, the starting place should be one of gratitude and love, spending intentional time taking into account all you have been through and accomplished up to this date. One way to consider while reviewing your path is to list your accomplishments and proud moments by decades. This allows you to see your success over the course of ten years, as opposed to one. Think about your Teens, Twenties, Thirties, Forties, Fifties, etc.

Begin With Gratitude & Love

  • List the ways you have shown up for yourself thus far.
  • What do you love about your life right now?
  • What current practice brings you joy and peace.
  • In what ways are you proud of yourself?



After spending some time appreciating your journey, reviewing all you have accomplished and giving yourself a well-earned pat on the back, it’s time to move into reflection. A common practice with any great business or leader is after taking time to review what is working well, spending time thinking deeply about opportunities. These are the pain points, areas that need more light. In these areas, everything is not all wrong, but it’s not all right either.

List the areas in your life that need some TLC:

  • What areas of your life feel exceptionally frustrating, overwhelming, or defeating?
  • What areas of your life do you intentionally avoid or ignore?
  • Do you have any areas where you feel no improvement can happen because you have tried and failed in the past?


Radical Truth & Fearlessness

Now it’s time for radical truth, which is truth that needs to be said, whether it hurts your feelings or scares you. The truth that only someone who truly loves you and wants the absolute best for you would say.

This phase of truth and fearlessness will allow you to dream big. It requires the amount of hopefulness and conviction that will help you turn your dreams and aspirations into accomplishments. These feelings can only come after you have taken time to relish in the things you do well and take time to look closely at areas of opportunities. Your mindset shift will move from deficit to abundance by reducing what you thought were mountains to the molehills they actually are.

Big, Fearless Dreams & Goals

  • If you faced no obstacles or tension, what dream/goal would you pursue?
  • What are the things you have wanted to do, but have been afraid of telling your loved ones and friends?
  • What did you dream about being as a child?
  • What is your dream you think is no longer possible?

This is the time to move out on ambition, prayer, and purpose- because only you know what it will take to turn your unique goals, dreams and fearless ambition into reality.


  • Where do you want to be one year from now?
  • What do you want to focus on and improve this year?
  • Where will you courageously step outside of your comfort zone this year?
  • What is the dream that scares you, that you are ready to begin working towards?
  • What more do you want for yourself?
  • What more do you want for your community?


In this spirit of new year, fearlessness, ambition, and wanting more for our community, our leader Jovonia Lewis, Executive Director and founder of EPiC, has recently announced that she is running for the office of Durham County Commissioner. A community of care advocate, entrepreneur, and public servant, Lewis currently serves on the Durham County School Board. She has spent the past two decades as an entrepreneur and small business owner, starting with her private counseling practice and evolving to include franchise ownership of Smoothie King.

“Service to our community has always been a foundational value of mine. It would be an incredible honor to serve the residents of Durham on the board of county commissioners,” Jovonia stated. “I embark on this journey after much thought and intentional review of all that I have accomplished in my life thus far. After reflecting on my personal and professional experiences, I felt that the next natural step for me was continued service to our community, in a position that would allow for greater influence across intersections. If elected, my focus will be on the wellbeing of every individual who calls Durham home–from our youngest children to our most experienced senior citizens. As a caring leader, I will collaborate with compassion to meet the needs of the Durham community today and into our future.” – Jovonia Lewis

New Year, New Opportunities